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It’s good to be home!

dotedwinaHomecoming 2015

Thank you to the Men’s Fellowship for hosting Homecoming 2015!  We had an excellent day of fellowship and worship.  Special thanks to The Raleigh Court UMC Praise Band and Rev. David Tanner for sharing your talents and love for Jesus.  We had an excellent meal, many delicious desserts but most of all a full day of reunion and rejoicing.  We were so happy to have our neighbors from West End Presbyterian Church.  We have a strong bond with our Presbyterian extended family!  It was also exciting to see many visitors from the West End community.  If you haven’t been to West End recently, come and see for yourselves the exciting changes that are happening.  Houses are being improved, new houses are being built, new businesses are opening and it can only go up from here!  God continues to work in West End and we are beyond blessed to be a part of His glorious plan.



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