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West End UMC participated in the 1st Annual Build A Better Block event presented by the Mountain View Neighborhood Association.  The event highlighted what the neighborhood hopes to look like after revitalization.  We gave away popcorn, snow cones, and bottled water.  We also had a Jonah the Whale slide, tattoos, and thumb print art for the kids.  It was a wonderful day for the community!  Pastor Jeff provided music that was enjoyed by all!  Thank you to all of the volunteers for an excellent event.11040858_1020866611270796_8300530287128224846_n - Copy 11056629_1020866371270820_1702251902255838514_n - Copy 11218224_1020866454604145_7967977229742424357_n - Copy 11863293_1020866397937484_377847901864110867_n - Copy 11870757_1020866747937449_3494837593642575405_n - Copy 11885134_1020865807937543_4057633189605899936_n - Copy 11885240_1020865711270886_6838823625991914439_n - Copy 11888033_1020865844604206_4278256693747946711_n - Copy 11889585_1020865881270869_1485559538912131255_n - Copy 11891148_1020866717937452_1072255686224889106_n - Copy 11895995_1020865761270881_7509997764055817563_n (1) - Copy 11896088_1020865781270879_8041338208684357202_n - Copy 11896219_1020865951270862_3407049747647648733_n - Copy 11898763_1020865867937537_3167699918436974440_n - Copy 11898859_1020866691270788_8001959281951128375_n - Copy 11903744_1020866551270802_3113975049252130885_n - Copy 11904643_1020865734604217_7153332418842750161_n (1) - Copy 11935019_1020866254604165_2103510780492111300_n 11949530_1020865824604208_4057481944888117736_n 11953285_1020866761270781_8988941780799959278_n

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